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Anti Wrinkle Injections at Pambula Village Dental Practice

What are Anti Wrinkle Injections?

Anti Wrinkle Injections are also known as Botulinum Toxin Type A (BTx-A). BTx-A is a purified natural protein that is administered through the skin to work on the underlying muscles of the face.

Over the years, your facial muscles are used repetitively, causing wrinkles in your overlying skin. BTx-A relaxes the muscles and allows the skin to become smooth again, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

BTx-A is especially useful in treating "crow’s feet" around your eyes, horizontal lines on your forehead, as well as frown lines between your eyes. Results are temporary, lasting anywhere between 3 to 6 months.

Examples of Anti Wrinkle Injections before and after results

  • Anti Wrinkle Injections before and after photo crow's feet "Crow's Feet"
  • Anti Wrinkle Injections before and after photo forehead lines Forehead Lines
  • Anti Wrinkle Injections before and after photo frown lines Frown Lines

Why is your dentist ideal for the job?

Similarly outlined on the Dento-Facial Aesthetics page, your dentist is among the most qualified to administer your Anti Wrinkle Injection treatments for the following reasons:

Your dentist's training and expertise is all about the face

As a result of their university training, dentists graduate with a thorough understanding of facial structures and anatomy. Knowing exactly where all the nerves, blood vessels and muscles are in the face is crucial to not only achieving the best results, but also avoiding potential complications.

Dentists thoroughly understand complete Anti Wrinkle Injection treatments

Considering how much time a dentist spends working on the structures of the face (all day, every day), it isn’t surprising to realise the enormous advantages of having one artistic, highly skilled, facial specialist harmoniously blending techniques in one appointment.

Dentists can make the procedures more comfortable

Dentists are qualified to administer anaesthesia. Pambula Village Dental Practice uses the simple dental anaesthetic techniques we use all the time so your Anti Wrinkle Injection treatments are experienced in total comfort.

Dentists can now treat previously complicated dental procedures quickly and easily

As well as providing aesthetic enhancements, dentists can also use BTx-A to offer better therapeutic solutions to your existing dental problems. Pambula Village Dental Practice can now relax tension in the facial muscles, easing chronic jaw pain, facial pain and tooth grinding, which used to require radical surgery.

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