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While prevention through brushing and flossing is definitely better than cure when it comes to caring for your teeth and gums, should tooth decay develop, Pambula Village Dental Practice has a range of options for restoring your teeth's shape and function.

Fillings are often the first course of action when dealing with tooth decay or broken teeth. Our dentists will examine your teeth and, using X-rays to pinpoint the location and extent of the decay, decide if a filling is required.

An array of filling materials

If fillings are required, the material used will depend on a number of factors including which tooth is being filled and the way your teeth fit together. Please note that Pambula Village Dental Practice is an amalgam free practice.

Composite Resin

Resin makes up most of the "white" or "tooth-coloured" fillings, but is not as strong as gold or porcelain.

Glass Ionomer

While it's not as durable as resin, this silicon-based cement bonds well to your tooth and is often used to fill baby teeth.

Gold and Porcelain

While highly-durable, gold doesn't look as good as more natural-looking materials. Similarly-durable, porcelain doesn't discolour like resin or glass ionomer. However, both take longer to prepare, meaning more appointments.

Temporary Fillings

Short-term fillings are used following root canals which require multiple appointments, where a tooth nerve needs to be "settled down" prior to further treatment, or during emergency treatment.

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